Ars Goetia​/​Godless Apparitions

by With Ink Instead Of Blood

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Long awaited new album from one of the finest Russian acts With Ink Instead Of Blood brings an entirely new level of brutality mixed with memorable melodies and astonishing vocals. Its something more than just another death metal album, its a jorney through mystic and demonic that you will never forget.



released November 30, 2016

Slava Antonenko - Vocals, Guitars, Arrangements, Drum Programming
Evgeny Vinokurov - Guitars, Arrangements
Alex Kurochkin - Bass

Mixed/Mastered by Digital Evil



all rights reserved


With Ink Instead Of Blood Chelyabinsk, Russia

One of the most varied and atmospheric Russian deathcore acts With Ink Instead Of Blood brings crushing breakdowns accompanied by beautiful melodies and mixed with mind blowing riffs.

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Track Name: Paimon: The God's Demise
Hear my call,
From the northwest will I come
Invoke me, conjurer
Let the sigils bleed and the oblation die
This immolation will be thine offering
And I emerge as a horde of the fiends
I am leading an army of hundreds of beasts
The nightmare will exist
Tonight the secrets will be revealed
The mysteries unveiled, the sciences discovered
And your god will be dead if this is all you wish
Sorcerer, the human become lord
Godless, murderer you are
Pronounce my name, and induce the weapon of the end (Paimon will reign)
Just slice the poor girl's throat and soak the scrolls in her blood (Unleash the pain)
My troop will conquer every last saint ground that has left yet not disgraced
This is the blasphemous path you've taken upon. The end of god. I will prevail.
Track Name: Bael: At The Right Side Of Satan
This pathetic life among the wretched beings
And a gruesome visage that has captured my vision
A man, a toad, a feline (monster)
Please free me of this insanity
With every passing moment I am seconds from the end
The disgust overwhelms me and its a struggle to remain sane
I pray for eyes to bleed dry
And I wait, for the time to come, when the 1st of November is the day
Now I can destroy the weakened fiend
Eradicate the filthy abomination
Here I am, the waiting hasn't been in vain
Atrocity, embrace the pain
Here I am, the waiting hasn't been in vain
Atrocity, embrace the end
Track Name: Decarabia: The Flock Of Doom
We have become the lesser evil
Nothing but a shadow of what we used to be
Integrity was lost when sound had broken the seals
The voice reverberated and locks fell to his feet
The whispers echoed inside, the room was filled with screams and cries
Gloom covered the garden and birds had ceased to sing
Never to chant again
Warlock, crossed the line
Behold the demonic apparition
Witness the impending doom
Kill, kill, kill the heretic
We are the guardian of the precious stone
We bring demise, eating the prey alive
Released at last
The flying death
Track Name: Amdusias: Infernal Cacophony
This fragile sense of serenity consumed me whole
And as I feel iniquity lurk inside my soul I give in
And I descend into the depth of hell
The sound of trumpets rings inside my head
Oh music, and laughter, it keeps on getting louder
There's nothing I can do
Lie down there breathing sulfur
Feel my lungs boil
Hear the music of the tormented souls
As the unison of the thousands of storms
is piercing through air like a blade through the skin
It accompanies us, forever vibrating as we're eternally dying
It never stops never ceases the beat
And I sing aloud what the demons sing
Veni, omnipotens aeterne diabolus
Track Name: Marchosias: The Helpless Dreamer
And I'm still hoping in debility
Lingering in darkness since the beginning of days
So eager to set foot in heaven once again
Why had I fallen ? Why am I fallen ?
Condemned to wither as wolf
Echoing, echoing the ageless anguish inside
Into the void I descend
Deceived eternally, but one day I will reach empyrean
Track Name: Lucifuge Rofocale: The Servant
Whole world stands against me,
But I will show them the true reality
The cruel ways of my revenge, this cold and heartless decadence
Demise will come, my arms already locked and load
Existence as we know it at a stake
I will wage war and you will know the score
I slice the neck of a virgin kid
I dye knife in color red
And as the dusk sets and sun arise
I will fulfill the holy sacrifice
Its come full circle
From the start to end
Ignorant disobedience goes to shit
Paradigms shift
Axioms dissolve
All your knowledge is burned and destroyed
I call out, Lucifugus Rofocalus
Grand me wishes, do my bidding
Burn my enemies, erase them from me
Grant me power to kill the bastards
Burn, burn, bleed.
Bleeding out by my sacred will
Track Name: Sitri: Unholy Desecration
Bare yourself before me
I am a Great Prince Of Hell
I am your brand new god, so feast your eyes on me
Beg and bow before me
Now chant my name in unison
Parasites, behold the perfection
From the ground to the sky my name will be heard
Parasites, chant my name in unison
Devouring lust will consume the men and women
Eternal orgy for my sake
The moans of pleasure spreading through the air
Pitiful insects, the slaves of foul love
Ages from the day of creation
Still consumed by the stains of sinful nature
Track Name: Lucifer: The Fallen Savior
Beckoning, the morning star arise
Farewell to the blessed essence
My sacrifice
King Belial, King Paimon
I beg for your assistance in the hideous deed I will perform
Bring me the chalice, reveal the philosopher's stone
Unveil the path of Ishtar / Inanna
Welcome me, Underworld
Lucifer, I summon you my lord
I lay my bidding right before your throne
Lucifer, I pray to you my god
Demolish holy sphere that they call their world
The symbol of my faith
Come forth and cleanse my soul
Open the gates of hell and come back home
Leviathan's following you
With Satan's guidance life's death is due
Lucifer - the light bearer for the damned
Lucifer - where there's life there will be death
Lucifer - the fallen angel in descend