The Novelist

by With Ink Instead Of Blood

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Debut full-length album of Russian deathcore band With Ink Instead Of Blood. Probably one of the most varied releases of its time, filled with 10 tracks that combine both beautiful melodies and violent brutality in breakdowns



released October 15, 2011

Slava Antonenko - Guitar, Drum Programming, Arrangements, Lyrics
Evgeny Vinokurov - Guitar
Viktor Freeto - Vocals
Kirill Kurepin - Bass
Evgeny Kozlov - Drums

All music written and performed by Slava Antonenko & Evgeny Vinokurov
Mixed/Mastered by Slava Antonenko of Digital Evil Studios



all rights reserved


With Ink Instead Of Blood Chelyabinsk, Russia

One of the most varied and atmospheric Russian deathcore acts With Ink Instead Of Blood brings crushing breakdowns accompanied by beautiful melodies and mixed with mind blowing riffs.

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Track Name: Jonathan Harker
Am I insane ?
Is there salvation from my dreams ?
They're so terrifying to see.
Those women eat baby alive,
And his deep laugh before my eyes.
Is there salvation from desecration ?
And can I hide from this disgust ?
The world is now nothing for me,
For I've done with it. I'm scared like shit.
Oh, baby, save me from this nightmare,
Oh, baby, where are you ? Baby, where are you ?
The dusk is near, the night is coming for me.
Something you will never get. My love behind my flesh.
Track Name: Jack Torrance
Where is this fucking bitch ?
Where is that goddamn child ?
The silence of this hall drives me insane. And now I'm coming.
Run for your lives, though I just want to speak,
At least I want you to believe in this.
And playing hide-and-seek this time just makes me really mad.
Hey Wendy, did you take your prayer book and pray ?
Hey Wendy, did you take your prayer book with you, and now you pray ?
Bend your knees before your god and fold your trembling hands.
All these rooms are empty,
No connection with the outer world.
No weapons and no safety,
In other words there's nowhere to run.
Boom, and door is breaking down.
Boom, another hit and steeplechase is over now.
Boom, boom boom boom.
Boom, as axe falls down you're closer to your doom.
And as I crush this door you hear me saying: "Here is Johnny!"
The last stage of our "catch-me" play,
Such obstacles as maze won't keep you far from me.
Prepare to dance, my mind's so wild I say the things that make no sense.
Its your last chance.
Track Name: Mike Enslin
Pieces of my flesh are scattered on the floor,
My self-assurance isn't working anymore.
Where can I run when exit does not exist ?
What else should I do but keep on praying on my knees ?
I see the fire! Its on the walls.
I've never been so fucked up.
Its only getting even worse.
My curiosity should have been thrown away,
Why did I enter this goddamn room anyway ?
Why me, why ?!
I'm so distracted in my mind.
Why me, why ?!
It just can't be my time to die.
I must survive. Its just a challenge for me and I have to win.
Despite my boiling skin I got out and I survived this bad dream.
Track Name: Herbert West
If I were god what would I do ?
What powers does god posses ?
Eternal life and the ability to raise the dead.
I'd need no Savior, I'd need no one to live.
This is forever and I want to have it in my hands. (Have it in my hands)
This is forever and I want it to be my slave.
Now, I have a perfect cure,
To bring this cadaver,
To bring this cadaver back to life.
Today is my day for I finally gained a supremacy.
I turned into a godlike.
Wake up, my newborn children and welcome your father.
Wake up, my little babies and show me I'm your master.
Shit. I bet I made a mistake.
So let's have another try...
Track Name: Henry Jekyll
I am a monster.
Opened are my eyes, but what I see isn't me,
Is this a fiend or another devilry ?
This mirror lies, and I must be blunt,
To believe that this mixture could eradicate the evil one.
Opened are my eyes, and what I see is a dead body under me,
How could this be ? How could this possibly be ?
Am I damned to have such curse upon my soul and me ?
I locked myself to be alone,
I'll never, never hurt anyone.
Opened are my eyes, and I smile seeing my hands of blood,
Murder's quite fun and there're stains where I stood.
Severed are all ties when I turn into doctor once again,
Buried down in mind all the memory.
I locked myself to be alone,
I'll never hurt, hurt anyone.
Track Name: John Constantine
We're drowning in the flood of our sins,
Suffering like pigs for our sins.
And I stand beneath this sky,
Sun burns our skin and we all will die.
The dead will rise from their garves and you'll have to face them
or there will nothing remain of our nation.
This is apocalypse, this is our damnation.
Run for the shadows, run for the cover,
Cause there's no one but myself to save us.
What if I shut the door of my wish to keep this world alive ?
(Torture will ruin your lives) Torture will ruin your lives.
(Red are these nights) Red are these nights.
I see these eyes of pain and now this ground is hollow,
Where is your bravery when all the seas are shallow ?
Why didn't you hold your vices when you should have been ?
And when I stand still all the rest run scattered.
Bow, whatever is this now,
And once again I fight to keep you crowned.
So you could walk this poor old rusted earth,
So you could triumph over the dead ghosts.
Track Name: Jack White
I smile from ear to ear cutting through your skin with the scalpel in my hands,
What a perfect day to slit another wrist.
Oh these good times, oh these sweet good times,
I decapitate and joke destroying your paradise.
My body's shivering because of my desires,
My mind is full of dire thoughts and once again I laugh.
I lick my sharp like shark's teeth in ecstasy of murder,
The corpses of those jokers in my room are getting colder.
And I'm madly happy to see you people suffer,
Just a glimpse of your torture makes my day.
Oh come'on baby why do they think I am insane,
I'm nothing but a little kid playing his games.
Stop being pricks mad on me,
I'm just a child who is free.
Forget all you believe in,
My world is circus, and I'm not dreamin'
Its a mad world.
Track Name: Mina Harker
Help me please.
I'm locked withing this skin and I have to struggle throughout my dreams.
Am I, I am ? Or am I something not I am ?
Why can't you Jonathan comfort me in my sleep ?
Its spreading rapidly through my bold veins,
Why can't you see ? I'm turning into memory.
Tonight I see with his eyes,
Amongst the seas and falling skies.
I'm living corpse lays in the darkness,
My long way home is followed by nightmares.
The horror on jet black wings from your fears,
Shadows are mine and so are your dreams.
Please set me free, can't stand this any longer.
Its over now, its over.
My soul is free, oh my beloved